How to crush College this Year

Besides the rigmarole of getting everything ready for college, there’s a lot to look forward to this year. And who knows who you might meet, or what trouble you’ll get into? College is here, are you ready?

Are you amped up for the new school year? Or is that the energy drink coursing through your veins? Either way, it’s time to step onto campus and slay like Beyoncé on the dance floor. The only difference is that you’ll be doing it with a laptop, calculator, Google, and Wikipedia. With big papers and classes that require you to question the meaning of life (Philosophy), you may feel overwhelmed about all the coursework while keeping up with the Joneses. But rest assured college is not all work, there’s some play too.

In college, you’ll see the best and worst of people and realize that if you want to succeed, you’ll have to devote a lot of time to studying. But getting good marks isn’t all about knowing all the information. There’s a social element involved too. Professors want to see effort from you, communication, and respect. The harder you work (or appear to be working), and the more you communicate what’s going on, the more respect you’ll receive. For those who aren’t super book smart, this skill will come in handy when you struggle with specific material.

College can be liberating too, especially for a first-year student. You have spent your entire lives being told what not to wear, who not to talk to, what to believe, etc. by your parents. And now you get a chance to leave the birdcage and fly free for a change. This newfound freedom is both liberating and confining. I’ll explain…When you were younger, even when you didn’t want to go to school, sometimes your parents probably forced you. They’d say your full name (including middle!), with that all too familiar tone and ensure you went. While you would’ve instead spent the day drawing unicorn poop emojis and watching YouTube videos in your Spiderman pajamas with a box of chocolate teddy grahams, you didn’t. You sat in class and watched aboriginal people with way-too-short tunics hacking at pieces of wood.
Regardless, you went, and probably something good came out of it. Sally or Jimmy slipped you a note confessing their undying love. THAT guy slipped in the cafeteria, and his whole food tray fell on the floor, and you helped him up. Or your teacher decided to have an impromptu pizza party surprisingly. Good things happen when you least expect it.

A tricky part of college is not having an authority figure telling you to go to class: It’s up to you now. When you’ve stayed up too late playing the new Call of Duty or sat on your phone all night Snapchatting, watching live streams and makeup tutorials, you have a decision to make: To go to ecology or rest in those soft, comfy new bed sheets from Kohls.

Now it’s time to prioritize what you want and who you are. Be led by your conviction and slay like Beyoncé while doing so with a raised hand as a contributor to a class discussion! Class is all about what you put into it, and the energy you give will come back to you.
If you decide to sleep in or can’t finish an assignment on time, then communicate with your instructors. Let them know why you couldn’t attend a class or get a homework assignment in. Most of the time, if you do, they are supportive and willing to work with you.

You have the chance to do some awesome stuff and make some cool new friends. It will go by fast so cherish your time there and strive to do better every day. All this can be summed up as: Grab college tightly and don’t let go until you’re walking across that stage, graduated. Good luck in the new year.

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