How to Save Money on College Textbooks

Don’t want to go broke buying books you’ll return in 5 months? We don’t blame you!

As the summer ends and a new school session begins, that mixed cocktail of nerves and excitement come together for students alike. The year ahead beholds real challenges and opportunities. With obstacles like stimulating coursework, staying awake in a morning class after 2 hours of sleep, and getting to the bathroom on time after an all-night party where you swear you saw a trio of gnomes twerking on the dance floor; things get tough.

The returning and older students probably have the process whittled down to a science by now, but the Freshmen must learn for themselves about all things college: And trust me there’s a lot. From living independently, staying motivated to do homework, and wearing a toga properly, there’s new stuff to learn every day.

One thing students learn right off the bat is how expensive college is, especially textbooks. You’d think the books were dipped in gold and came in a package deal with a daily taco and a personal servant with how astronomical the prices have become! Paying 200 dollars isn’t a stretch for a new edition these days, and with five or six classes, that adds up to a hefty sum. Pay that much for books, and you won’t even have enough spare change left for groceries or other necessities. Before you know it, you’ll be skimping on breakfast and realize you got the negative freshman 15.

Let’s face it: Campus bookstore prices on textbooks are a complete rip-off. The financially savvy student learns before long how to circumvent the issue of paying 1/20th the cost of an adopted child by using different methods and sites like to their advantage. Luckily in today’s global market, there are several good options to find deals on college textbooks. Most students find that saving every extra dollar on a textbook is vital, so they get crafty. Here are a few below:

If you’re looking for discounted books to buy or rent, is a trustworthy source. The site offers the same books and textbooks as your campus bookstore does and allows you to buy used copies for cheaper rates. When on the page for the book you want, locate the “Used” option and explore seller’s prices with “See All Buying Options.” You can buy using Amazon Prime option and save more! is a classifieds website that allows Canadians to connect locally to exchange goods and services. They also have thousands of textbooks, which can be a reliable option for college students. Kijiji (key-gee-gee) is also fun to say and extremely difficult to repeat five times fast—try it and see!


You can also borrow textbooks from library or just grab the older editions of books (they are cheaper and help you prepare your notes).

Facebook Groups

Besides being an excellent way to lurk and waste enormous amounts of productive time semi-anonymously, Facebook does have some benefits for college students besides those looking to get laid. Facebook textbook groups are typically students willing to buy/sell/trade their used materials for others. Often there are specific university pages set up by students at a school. These are useful because it’s local and trustworthy considering the seller is close, and it’s not like the Speech 101 book will change that much from semester to semester.

No matter which option you choose, find the one that is most convenient for you. If money is a concern, or you want to save some, consider the above methods for procuring college textbooks. May the Force be with you.

If you need any help buying or selling your textbooks, don’t forget to contact us!

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