Are you feeling stuck when it comes to finding the perfect gift ideas for students in your life? The holidays are quickly approaching, and whether you’re ready or not, it’s time to start searching for just the right items. If you feel out of the loop and aren’t sure what presents college students will love and appreciate the most, you can now put all of your worries aside. We’ve compiled a great list of cool, fun, and practical gift ideas for students so that you can be confident in your holiday purchases this year.


Tech Gift Ideas for Students

Wireless Speakers: Music is important for de-stressing. That’s why wireless speakers make for great gift ideas for students during the holidays (or any other time, for that matter). Wireless speakers will allow them to take their loud, booming music just about anywhere with them, and without the hassle of bringing a bunch of cords along. The second generation Echo Dot will not only allow them to play and stream music, but comes with a wide variety of other neat features that they’ll love.

Headphones: If you’re looking for more great gift ideas for students that love music, why not consider headphones instead? These are perfect for the student that would prefer to keep their music to themselves instead of sharing it with the world around them. While speakers are great for parties, headphones are better suited for walking to and from class, working out in the gym, or studying in a common area. These ones are affordable, wireless, and look super cool.


Gift Ideas for Students who are Hungry and Broke


A Student-Styled Cookbook: The struggle to eat filling, healthy meals on a tight budget is real. A cookbook made specifically for students, like Megan and Jill Carle’s “College Cooking,” is undoubtedly one of the best gift ideas for students who want to stop eating the terrible cafeteria food every day. This will make cooking – even in a dorm room without major appliances like an oven or stove top – a fun, easy task.


Lots and Lots of Ramen: Is the student you’re buying for not really the chef type? That’s okay! You can still gift them a college staple-food: ramen. It takes almost zero effort to make, tastes delicious, and is surprisingly filling. Why not give them 24 packs for December 1st as an unusual, advent calendar countdown this year?


Re-usable Travel Coffee Mug: Ah, coffee: the early-morning wake-up tool, hangover cure, and strong supporter of the all-nighter wrapped in one. If you’re looking for fantastic gift ideas for students with a caffeine-addiction, then a re-usable coffee thermos is an absolute must. We recommend a large one so that they can sip on hot brew for the entire trek across campus and during class.


Wearable Gift Ideas for Students


A Blanket You Can Wear: Dorm rooms are freezing, especially during the winter. Even if a student lives in their own apartment, they may be hesitant about turning up the heat and increasing their hydro bill. This year, why not give them a blanket that they can easily wear all day around the house? Wearable blankets aren’t exactly the most fashionable gift ideas for students, but they are warm and fuzzy, and nothing can beat that.


Fitness Tracker: If you’re looking for gift ideas for students that love to spend their free time working out, you can never go wrong with a fitness tracker. This one is an affordable option compared to the top name brands, can pair with both Apple and Android devices, and comes with a whole bunch of other cool features.


A Classic Backpack: A new backpack is one the best gift ideas for students, no matter their age. There isn’t an expiry date on this essential item and it is extremely helpful for college students. Carrying heavy, over-priced textbooks, laptops, and food around all day by hand just isn’t an option. This one is sure to be big enough to store everything that they need and more with lots of space and compartments!


Home Décor Gift Ideas for Students


A Loud, Annoying Alarm Clock: In search of some gift ideas for students that just keep hitting the snooze button and sleep through their classes constantly? What you need to buy is a super loud alarm clock that they can’t ignore. We suggest that you consider Clocky! He’s an alarm clock that will keep beeping until you decide to get up and literally chase it around the house to turn it off.


A Creative Desk Lamp: Desk lamps are important for keeping you awake and focussed while studying or working on assignments late at night. Why not bring a little fun and imagination to the table by getting a cool lamp that will make the never-ending work load seem a little less daunting? Check out this one that has three different light settings, or consider this cute little doggy lamp. Both of these are wonderful gift ideas for students that they are sure to appreciate.


Oil Diffuser and Essential Oils: Essential oils have the great ability to calm, relax, and brighten anybody’s mood and students may be the most in need of their benefits. If you’re looking for gift ideas for students that will help them survive the stresses of the school year, an oil diffuser and a variety of different oils are a must.


Gaming Gift Ideas for Students


Video Game Gift Ideas for Students: Don’t forget to consider fun gift ideas for students, too! They need to take a break and get some downtime every once in a while. If you’ve got a gamer to buy for, we’re sure they’d appreciate one of the hottest titles right now! Red Dead Redemption 2 has just been released for Xbox One and PS4, and it has received great reviews so far. If they prefer to kick it old-school Nintendo style instead, we highly recommend pre-ordering Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Switch! It’s been hyped up for months and is sure to be a SMASHING success.


Board Game Gift Ideas for Students: If video games aren’t really their thing, there are plenty of board game gift ideas for students, as well. Monopoly: Cheater’s Edition is brand new this year and allows everyone to be rewarded for the kinds of tricks they would pull during an ordinary game. It’s also nice for students to feel rich and own property, even if it is just pretend. This Game of Thrones version of Clue is another great choice for lovers of the hit TV show and the classic murder-mystery board game.


Party-Style Adult Card Game Gift Ideas for Students: Adult party card games have been all the rage for the past few years and they make awesome gift ideas for students. Cards Against Humanity is the original dirty-minded, dark-humour card game that is great for partying on a Saturday night with a bunch of friends. If you’re looking for something a little different, however, What Do You Meme has proven itself to be a strong competitor for the best party game. In this game, you submit your funniest caption for an image and hope it wins you a lot of laughter and a point. If you want to give the best present this year, one of these games will certainly do the trick.


Need Some Extra Cash to Buy Some of these Cool Gift Ideas for Students?


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